ANNY BAG additional info


In the Anny Bag pattern, I mention a few additional pieces of information that would be available on the website and here they are:

  •  Applying a Magnetic Closure – If there are no directions with your purchased magnetic closure, I can help.  On the right side of the bag lining, mark a dot where you want the snap to be.  (Note:  If you’re sewing the Anny Bag pattern or a similar pattern with a band, the magnetic closure will go on the lining band, not the exterior band.) Place the washer on the dot and mark lines through the slits in the washer.  Using embroidery scissors, cut along the slit lines very carefully.  Place the snap prongs through the holes.  Cut a one inch square of batting or thick interfacing and again draw and cut the two slits.  Place over the prongs.  Next place the washer over the prongs and bend the prongs outward.  (I use needle nose pliers.)  Repeat on remaining lining piece. (Note:  If you’re sewing the Anny Bag pattern, the “remaining piece” will be the opposite side of the band, not the lining.)  The batting is very important so that you do not tear the fabric when you pry apart the closure, especially on lightweight or laminated fabric.  This may seem like a lot of steps (it certainly did to me the first time), but honestly, it’s easy, and once you’ve applied one, the rest will seem like “a snap!” 🙂
  • Creating Fabric Handles – Cut 2 handle strips 29″ x 4″ and interface them.  Fold the handle in the middle lengthwise (wrong sides together), making a crease.  Fold each long side into the crease.  Fold in half  lengthwise (WST) again, with raw edges tucked in and pin.  Topstitch along both long sides of the strap.  Repeat with other handle.
  •  NOTE:  If you are using  fabric handles for the Anny Bag, they would be inserted between the ruffle bag and the band.  When finished, the handles will pass up across the band loosely on the outside.  Stitch across the handle to hold it in place on the outside at the top of the band.


About Anny

I am happiest during the creative phase of bag making. My studio is in a downtown historical loft built in 1890 with a view of the harbor. I have an armoire full of beautiful fabric and a map chest full of buttons, fringe, beads, and all the little pretties that make a bag one-of-a-kind. Every time I sew, my faithful Golden Retriever and English Setter are at my feet, and on REALLY special days, my precious granddaughters sew with me!

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