Laminated Fabric



  • Easy to clean; wipe off surface.
  • Great for bags, aprons, hats, etc.
  • No edging or hemming required; no fraying.
  • Be very careful if you are pinning.  When you make a pinhole, it stays!  I have been using the little doll clothespins instead of pins.  Or you could use tiny binder clips.
  • Use a longer stitch length.  Too small stitches could cause a perforation effect.
  • Be sure to always press on the wrong side!  Breaking this rule will turn your fabric into a sticky mess as well as your iron!
  • Your project will go infinitely smoother if you use a Teflon presser foot or at least a Walking Foot.
Check It Out
I read a great article about laminated fabric before starting my laminated Anny Bag and it really helped.  It was called “Stashworthy”  in the Feb./Mar. 2011 issue of Quilter’s Home.

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  1. This is so fun!I LOVE my laminated bag you did, although now I am using the gorgeous tapestry bag you made. I bet Mad is going to love this blog.

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