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Remember in The Jerk when Steve Martin found his name in the new phonebook and went running down the street calling, “I’m Somebody!  I’m Somebody!”  Well, that’s just how I feel!  The Anny Bag is in the new issue of Haute Handbags.  (I’ve included a photo.) They sent me a complimentary copy and copies will be on the newsstand momentarily.   Share with your friends!  

As for my feet, I’m almost there.  At one point I developed an infection in one toe and the doctor prescribed two antibiotics to stop it from spreading.  I shouldn’t read the medical articles on the Internet because one outcome would have been amputation.  If you know anything about astrology you’ll appreciate this.  I was poking fun at my daughter, the Cautious Capricorn, recently and she asked what Sagittarius (me) traits are.  So when I told her the outcome could be amputation, I also said, “Being a Sagittarian, I’m definitely counting on meds to do the job.”  I asked her what the Capricorn would do (wink, wink.)  She said, “Start researching the best orthopaedic doctors for amputation!  We plan for the worst and hope it doesn’t happen.”  And right there, folks, you have the difference between Sagittarius and Capricorn. 🙂  I must say, though, that girl knows her medical!  She knew the doctor would prescribe that second antibiotic, knew he would give me a Beta-something cream, etc.  Anyway, except for swelling, I’m great!  (And Dr. G., if you’re reading this, I think you’re super!)

Oh, but speaking of medical, I think I’ve discovered a pain technique.  Sitting about four stairs up recently,  I went to stand up and fell down the other steps to the floor.  My new pain relief technique is to focus on the part of the body that’s in pain and force myself to RELAX that area–really focus on relaxing those muscles.  I find the less I tighten up, the better it feels.  Well, I’m lying there thinking, “Oh, I better get up.  Someone will see me.  No,  I said, you will not be rushed.  Lie here and relax that shoulder.”  And about that time I glance up and the UPS man is peering through our all-glass front door asking if I’m okay.  AGHH!  Can you not relax in private??!!   Walking Buddy this winter I tripped, fell, and prayed no one would drive or walk by as I lay on the sidewalk practicing my relaxing technique.  I guess there are some kinks to work out.  Like creating an invisible shield…?

Sewing-wise there is progress.  The orange work pumpkin embroidery, which I plan to make into a pillow, is finished, and I completed all seven red work hats.  I started some blue work that could become embellishment for a bag.

My current project is a bag for Tina’s with a really colorful, contemporary design on laminated fabric.  After I picked up a check from Tina’s I spent it all on online fabric buying.  I am VERY happy with the site, for fabric and patterns.  Over $50 means no shipping fee and, of course, no tax.  They have an enormous selection of the best designers out there.

So those are my tips for today:

  • Relax when you get injured
  • Visit for fabric
Until next time,

SCRAPBOOK: It’s Sew Anny Designs


Recently I compiled a digital scrapbook to showcase some of my creations and give a little background for It’s Sew Anny Designs.  Take a look…

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Update & Embroidery Tip


Post-Surgical news:  Well, it’s been 10 days since my surgery and I’m doing fine.  Probably get stitches out Monday and maybe the long pin (which I almost pulled out, thinking I had a paper clip stuck in my foot!  Aaahh!)  The rest of the pins and screws will stay forever.  (I’m officially screwy  lol)  I sent my daughter a pic of my feet and she said it looked like something Kathy Bates would do in “Misery.”  The drugs did a great job though!  As if the feet issue weren’t enough, we have a new member in our family.  She’s a 6 year old  bird dog–Springer Spaniel? .  Long story short–she needed a good home and she’s adorable!  Kate is very calm and getting along well with our Golden Retriever, Buddy, but has some potty issues that I could work on if I had normal feet. (Hm…that doesn’t sound right.)  🙂

Thank goodness I made that fortress of projects around the sofa.  Night before last was my first time back in our bed.  (Ha…that doesn’t sound right either; must be that prescription I’m on.)  I finished two red work projects and now working on an “orange work” autumn scene.  In case you aren’t familiar with red work, the embroidery scene/project is completed using only red thread.  (I made up “orange work.”  Maybe it’s a real term?)  And my sister bought me some fancy red work hats to start.  I’ve included a picture of my “orange work” because I found a new use for binder clips.  In previous entries about working with laminated fabric, I suggested using tiny clothespins or the smallest binder clips to replace pins.  Well now I’ve found that when embroidering a larger scene, I can roll the excess fabric up in clips, which makes it so much easier to maneuver around the hoop.

I’m still catching up on the magazines, especially ones by Stampington and ClothPaperScissors which I devour cover to cover.  I’m so very excited to see the Spring Edition of Stampington’s Haute Handbags publication.  My bag should be debuted there–fingers crossed. Tomorrow I’ll peruse my stack of bag making books.  Happy Sewing Everyone!