Update & Embroidery Tip


Post-Surgical news:  Well, it’s been 10 days since my surgery and I’m doing fine.  Probably get stitches out Monday and maybe the long pin (which I almost pulled out, thinking I had a paper clip stuck in my foot!  Aaahh!)  The rest of the pins and screws will stay forever.  (I’m officially screwy  lol)  I sent my daughter a pic of my feet and she said it looked like something Kathy Bates would do in “Misery.”  The drugs did a great job though!  As if the feet issue weren’t enough, we have a new member in our family.  She’s a 6 year old  bird dog–Springer Spaniel? .  Long story short–she needed a good home and she’s adorable!  Kate is very calm and getting along well with our Golden Retriever, Buddy, but has some potty issues that I could work on if I had normal feet. (Hm…that doesn’t sound right.)  🙂

Thank goodness I made that fortress of projects around the sofa.  Night before last was my first time back in our bed.  (Ha…that doesn’t sound right either; must be that prescription I’m on.)  I finished two red work projects and now working on an “orange work” autumn scene.  In case you aren’t familiar with red work, the embroidery scene/project is completed using only red thread.  (I made up “orange work.”  Maybe it’s a real term?)  And my sister bought me some fancy red work hats to start.  I’ve included a picture of my “orange work” because I found a new use for binder clips.  In previous entries about working with laminated fabric, I suggested using tiny clothespins or the smallest binder clips to replace pins.  Well now I’ve found that when embroidering a larger scene, I can roll the excess fabric up in clips, which makes it so much easier to maneuver around the hoop.

I’m still catching up on the magazines, especially ones by Stampington and ClothPaperScissors which I devour cover to cover.  I’m so very excited to see the Spring Edition of Stampington’s Haute Handbags publication.  My bag should be debuted there–fingers crossed. Tomorrow I’ll peruse my stack of bag making books.  Happy Sewing Everyone!


About Anny

I am happiest during the creative phase of bag making. My studio is in a downtown historical loft built in 1890 with a view of the harbor. I have an armoire full of beautiful fabric and a map chest full of buttons, fringe, beads, and all the little pretties that make a bag one-of-a-kind. Every time I sew, my faithful Golden Retriever and English Setter are at my feet, and on REALLY special days, my precious granddaughters sew with me!

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  1. Love the embroidery tip! Mine is so balky! What a great idea. Can’t wait until you’re “back on your feet”–literally!

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