“Just call me Betsey Johnson…”

“Just call me Betsey Johnson…”

It’s Sew Anny Labels

Downtown L.A. Fabrics

Well a few weeks ago Rick and I were in Los Angeles visiting our son and enjoying the surf in Malibu.  But the very first thing I accomplished after landing was a trip to downtown L.A. to the Fashion District (new to me) to order labels for my handbags at Hi-Tech Printing.  And, lo and behold, as I’m perusing the samples and catching a glimpse of ready-for-pickup labels, whose labels do I spy but Betsey Johnson!  So very cool–hot pink with gold script–and, sorry Betsey, but I’ve become a copy cat.  Although I pride myself on very unique, one-of-a-kind bags, I am copying Betsey’s style for my new labels.  SO excited!!  And since we were in the fashion district anyway (wink wink) I had to visit a few fabric shops.  Thank goodness I have a husband who can sit anywhere and contentedly read his Kindle!  One fabric is a velvety patchwork which I’m picturing as a spacious gathered over-the-shoulder bag that would look awesome with dressy or denim.  Other catches that day included a beautiful flower embellishment and two elegantly textured autumn gold fabrics for my fall bags.

Two days go by and we visit Santa Monica and then a side trip through the canyon to Woodland Hills to The Quilt Emporium shop where I snagged a new pattern and some fall design laminated cotton I had never seen before.  I’ve already used it in an Anny Bag which I’ll include pics of later.  Then the “piece de resistance”–a visit to MOOD Fabrics!!  Not only did Rick have his Kindle but there was a Subway Sandwich Shop next door, so he was a happy camper as well.  I found trims of feathers which I plan to try on some bags that I’m planning of faux leather.  Also a few buttons, yellowish with painted feathers.  Only purchased one fabric but obtained samples.  MOOD is a SUPER fun playground for a sewer!

The next day was a visit to the Pasadena Flea Market where I visited a booth with tons of trims and buttons and appliques!  It was like a giant sewing estate sale!  I purchased several vintage items that I can’t wait to use.  Next we visited New Moon Textiles (as long as we were in Pasadena anyway…) and Rick sat in the classroom area reading while I shopped.  The shop owners wanted to know if they could have a lock of his hair to do a husband cloning!  As it turns out, I was carrying my large Anny Bag and they are now ordering the pattern for their shop!  Great quilt shop, a Bernina dealer, with many bag patterns and contemporary fabrics.

So when exactly did you visit your son? you ask.  Well, every day we would meet Bryan and his girlfriend, Liz, for meals at wonderful restaurants.  I can highly recommend Fig Tree Cafe in Venice Beach, Shutters on the Beach Cafe in Santa Monica, Geoffrey’s in Malibu, and Cafe Habana in Malibu.  As always, we stayed at Casa Malibu right on the beach.

Two exciting new developments for me here at home:  There is an electrician here this very moment installing a new circuit breaker for my sewing room.  Every time I tried to have all the lights on, plus my window unit A/C, plus my machines and iron, guess what?  The breaker trips.  Imagine that!  They were astonished when they asked on the phone how old the house was:  uh, 126 years?

The other new addition is my personalized business license plates for the Jeep:  They’re hot pink and say SEWANN.  I could only get 6 characters, including spaces, so that’s the best I could do for It’s Sew Anny.  Rick calls it Sue Ann just to tease me.  So today as he’s leaving for a haircut he says, “Well, let’s see.  I have the dubious choice of driving the Infiniti with kitty and doggy license plates, or the Jeep that says I’m a Boy Named Sue!  Good thing I’m secure in my masculinity.”  🙂  Oh, Rick.  Just for that I’m going to publish my favorite picture of you–asleep in my sewing room!

And now for some pics:

Vintage Items, etc.

Pasadena Flea Market
All Around the Stadium

Fashion District

MOOD Fabrics

Cloning Specimen

Venice Beach

Casa Malibu

Geoffrey’s in Malibu


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