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  1. Hello Anny! It is 1:20 am and I have almost finished reading your beautiful book/catalog. I love your work, truly love it. Put me on your future list. I know that you are very busy. You definitely need someone to minimize your sewing load. Can you imagine the fun you could enjoy choosing your fabrics, creating your beautiful designs, and locating original frufru! Seeing Madison was a real treat. She is a beautiful young lady now. I hope that I can have the wonderful relationship with my precious granddaughters, Cameron and Layla, that you have with yours. I want one of your bags! Maybe you have some available in one of the shops or if I read correctly you will be featured at an Art Show on the Strand, woo hoo, not an emergency, just love to have one. I love the MOD style bag, perfect style, color/design, so my generation, so hobo, “sew me”. Wow Linda, you are something else. So happy to know you and to call you a very special friend. I got home from Tx Orthopedic Hospital on Saturday, just had my hip replaced. Lying in my bed all pillowed up and feeling a lot better on my nighttime dose of Lortab. Helps sooo much. Have had both knees, left hip, and the right hip due for replacement in October, if things go well from here. I will close for now, so nice to talk “with you” tonight. I know that you were probably up with me. Note: I love staying up late and sleeping late in the mornings too 🙂 Drop me a line when you have time to tell me how to buy one of your beautiful bags.

    Love and hugs,
    Linda Simmons

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