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Are you a Downton Abbey fan?  After fighting the mobs at Quilt Market this year for the official Downton Abbey fabric (exclusively licensed to Andover Fabrics) I was determined to fashion a bag for Downton fans.  Thus, the DOWNTON ANNY was created!  Adding a feather embellishment to the band, and adorning it with a rhinestone crown, I whisked it off to Tina’s just in time for the Season 4 Premiere.  The faux leather handle is from Studio Mio and the interior is lined with the quintessential castle fabric seen here in the first ruffle layer.


And so, still feeling those royal vibes, I designed my next bag, “Lady Berkeley.”  I’m so in love with the vibrant colors and textured body of this lovely bag, parting was such sweet sorrow.  Fashioned from upholstery fabric from Cowgirls & Lace, faux leather for the gusset, and a bold vintage tassel, this bag would feel just as comfortable on the Berkeley campus as it would at tea in Berkeley Square!


So until next time, I’m wishing you Happy Times in the Kingdom!


Lady Anny


Thank You, Bloggers!


I would like to thank DeDivah Deals for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  In accepting this nomination I am completing the following tasks:

Acknowledge the blogger that presented the award:  DE DIVAH DEALS

* Name 15 deserving bloggers

* Let them know that they have been nominated

* List 7 interesting facts about yourself

I am nominating the following bloggers:

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Seven Facts About Myself

1)  I’m crazy about the beach but rarely enter the water.

2)  I am an excellent sleeper.

3)  I love big dogs.

4)  Two degrees:  Economics and Teaching, but Sewing is my Passion.

5)  My sister and I still get in trouble for giggling in meetings and workshops.

6)   Fantasy careers:  Country music singer, magazine editor, over the road trucker, and doctor.

7)  I love roller coasters and roller blading.

Thank you, bloggers, for entertaining me and supporting me.