Thank You, Bloggers!


I would like to thank DeDivah Deals for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  In accepting this nomination I am completing the following tasks:

Acknowledge the blogger that presented the award:  DE DIVAH DEALS

* Name 15 deserving bloggers

* Let them know that they have been nominated

* List 7 interesting facts about yourself

I am nominating the following bloggers:

Manhattan Image & Style

Pillows A-La-Mode

Maison Bentley Style

The Renegade Seamstress

The Frugal Crafter

Susie D. Designs

Buttons and Birdcages


Russell Ray Photos

The REmissionary

Knitting to Stay Sane

Second Hand Roses

Sew Katie Did


Mandy Munroe

Seven Facts About Myself

1)  I’m crazy about the beach but rarely enter the water.

2)  I am an excellent sleeper.

3)  I love big dogs.

4)  Two degrees:  Economics and Teaching, but Sewing is my Passion.

5)  My sister and I still get in trouble for giggling in meetings and workshops.

6)   Fantasy careers:  Country music singer, magazine editor, over the road trucker, and doctor.

7)  I love roller coasters and roller blading.

Thank you, bloggers, for entertaining me and supporting me.




About Anny

I am happiest during the creative phase of bag making. My studio is in a downtown historical loft built in 1890 with a view of the harbor. I have an armoire full of beautiful fabric and a map chest full of buttons, fringe, beads, and all the little pretties that make a bag one-of-a-kind. Every time I sew, my faithful Golden Retriever and English Setter are at my feet, and on REALLY special days, my precious granddaughters sew with me!

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  1. Congrats on your award–you had us with your sisterly giggling fits and fantasy careers, We’re prone to both ourselves. 😉 Happy New Year!..

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