A few months ago I discovered a slick new fabric–faux crocodile!  While perusing a fabric store on the west side of Houston, I stopped in my tracks.  The fabric was beautiful–bright, shiny, textured and in three colors!  I asked if I could purchase a small amount of each, but no such luck.  It was expensive and a one yard minimum.  I sadly declined.  But…the fabric haunted me.  I knew I had to have it, and not only did I pay the price, but shipping too!  It cut my sewing budget, but ideas for summer bags were dancing in my head and I was thrilled the day the three long rolls arrived!  Red, blue and green!

Perfect for summer bags.  It’s not exactly easy to work with (well I guess easier than a real crocodile) but the results are definitely worthwhile.  Not being flexible, it is a fabric that I prefer to use on straight, flat pieces like the band of a bag.  I started by making a couple of Jenny Bags (my personal design) and here they are:



Balmy Breeze


Gracie’s Garden

I paired it with heavy linens from Mood  and High Fashion Fabrics, which resulted in lightweight but very durable bags.  Happy with the outcome, I ventured trying it on a small bag, and here is the bag my friend named “Crocodelic!”




The blue faux croc coordinated with a watercolor stripe fabric from Mood to make a “Charlie’s Aunt” pattern.  Her designs always go together so well.

Next I used the green crocodile for a purse designed by Ali Foster which I named Wild Child!

IMG_2715 (1)

Wild Child

I used a lushly textured, magenta cut velvet to coordinate with the green crocodile.

Getting braver, I decided to try another small bag, (again by Charlie’s Aunt) but with a large bow that was supposed to be sewn then turned right side out.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Way too stiff.  So my only recourse was to cut the pieces, and while gathering and sewing together, I had to turn all the edges inward and make an edged seam.


Don’t think I’ll be doing that again, but it turned out so cute!  As a matter of fact, a sweet lady tourist bought Wild Child and the small one, so they now reside in Chicago!  I love knowing where my bags live.

June 4th is another show at Tina’s on the Strand as the Featured Artist.  Soon I’ll be able to offer you a sneak peak at the fruits of my labor…  But for now, back to work!



About Anny

I am happiest during the creative phase of bag making. My studio is in a downtown historical loft built in 1890 with a view of the harbor. I have an armoire full of beautiful fabric and a map chest full of buttons, fringe, beads, and all the little pretties that make a bag one-of-a-kind. Every time I sew, my faithful Golden Retriever and English Setter are at my feet, and on REALLY special days, my precious granddaughters sew with me!

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  1. You are simply amazing! I love reading this story! I think we’re all “sew” fortunate to have you as our friend! When we came to your loft Sherry S. and I commented we know why we don’t have talent because you were blessed with all of it! Your bags are beautiful just like you!
    Jennifer Harris

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