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Oh! The Sparkle of it All!


Release me!  That’s what my new Anny Clutch Pattern kept saying, but I kept editing and testing and editing and testing and getting help from my computer guru (aka Hubby) until finally today (Yes!  Today!) I was able to put the new pattern on my Etsy Shoppe for sale!  Hallelujah!  Like birthin’ a baby! 🙂  I added more pictures with the directions this time and a template for the main part of the bag.  This new creation has a choice of button/loop closure or magnetic snap, three pockets, and is actually a generous size for a clutch.  Width – 11 inches, height 8 inches, and depth at the bottom 3-1/2 inches.  Here’s a pic of the new Anny Clutch and my sweet, granddaughter, Madison, who modeled it for me:

IMG_3122 IMG_3135

Fashioned from Michael Miller quilting weight cotton, this bag will be calling my closet home because I always keep the prototype for my pattern in case there are any questions from customers.  (That’s what I tell myself.  Could it be that I have separation anxiety and/or would love to use this clutch?  Moi?)  Since this was the prototype, it features both a magnetic closure and a loop closure with a button I covered from my stash.

However, my second test of the pattern will be for sale on my Etsy Shoppe (remember, Its Sew Anny–no apostrophe) and here is a picture.  Hard to part with…uh-oh.  No, this baby’s already listed, and I’m sure it will find a great home.  Styled from Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study Collection (and a little Moda thrown in for good measure), this clutch is sturdy enough to stand alone because these beautiful fabrics are actually linen!  I chose a floral removable pin with distressed ribbon for embellishing, and there is a magnetic snap and three pockets.  Someday soon I’m going to experiment with creating my own fabric flowers.  Here is a pic.  Too bad Madison’s not here to model for me…


Along with fabric floral experiments, my near future plans include a foray into Victorian type purses and perhaps some gypsy upholstered boho/chic type bags.  These lend themselves to the fall season, and although we haven’t seen Independence Day yet, with temps in the 100+ range, I fantasize about fall everyday!  Speaking of Fourth of July, here is a pic of my current redwork.  I had visions of it becoming a pillow before the Fourth of July but I guess we’re looking at 2014. 🙂  I had forgotten what a stress reliever redwork is!  Love it!


In other news, we had a quick trip to Austin last week, with a stop along the way to visit the LaGrange property so that Rick could introduce me to his pride and joy–the new Kubota tractor (and all its many attachments.)  He coaxed me up into the seat and took my picture which I should probably publish before he does…but here is the proud new owner and operator himself.  The mean machine has actually cleared quite a lot of land already!


Also along the way, he showed me an old farmhouse that we may move from a nearby town to our property.  Stay tuned…


Once we finally made it to Austin, we had a super visit!  The first evening we headed out to a fabulous Italian restaurant (with gelato!) and threw an early birthday party for Gracie.  Grandpa put together the awesome dollhouse that is bigger than she is!  That was a lot of work, Grandpa!


The next day I snagged a chance to visit my ultimate home dec fabric shop, Cowgirls and Lace, in Dripping Springs, Texas.  You should see the exquisite fabrics I gathered, and trims!  Actually, you’ll spy quite a few in the fall season bags I’m planning.  A quick trip but such fun!   Shortly after we arrived home, I felt something stuck under my shoe.  A rock?  A tack?  No…  Now where were we the last few days?  Oh yeah, with our crafty, artsy granddaughters!


But of course!  It’s a lovely fuchsia stick-on craft jewel!  Oh, the sparkle of it all…:)  And speaking of sparkles, I hope you all have a fabulous Fourth of July with plenty of Fireworks Sparkles!




I’ve been mighty busy in the sewing room lately!  Now that I can use my feet to push that Bernina pedal, bags are blooming!  The first bag was created from a laminated Anna Maria Horner fabric.  Chevron designs are popular this spring so that was my coordinate, and then I added a fun red/gold fringe along the joined seam.  Christina at Tina’s aptly named it Weekend at the Cabana!  This bag was not in the store long before someone snapped it up!  Yea!

The next bag is called Evening in Morocco where I was experimenting with an Abbey Lane clutch pattern.  The size and style are ideal for a brief outing just carrying your essentials.  A magnetic clasp keeps items secure and on future bags I would add pockets.  The fabric is Kaffe Fasset’s Millefiore (which I just ordered in a laminate from Creations in Kerrville, TX) in preparation for my fall line!

Dots & Daisies is what I named this bag made from a wonderful pattern by Craft Apple called the Knotted Bag.  It comes in two sizes (“afternoon” and “all day”) and this was my first attempt at the smaller size.  It turned out well,  fashioned from a laminated Michael Miller cotton called Lil’ Plain Jane.  Multiple pockets make it perfect for an afternoon of shopping.The larger All Day version is perfect for travel.

I called the next bag Release the Hounds!, created from a Hounds Tooth design from Vicki Payne for Free Spirit.  The accompanying fabric was a home dec fabric, Bella, for Top Drawer.  Joined by a rich black braid, and a black purchased handle from Cindy’s Buttons, made quite the sassy satchel!

Traveling to Paris was fashioned from a beautifully laminated fabric by Michael Miller, the French Journal Collection.  The interior is a rich floral fabric by Tanya Whelan, called Delilah.  I added four pockets to this bag, one of which is a secret little compartment in the bottom, held securely by velcro covered by a tiny crocheted rose–perfect for your jewelry during a mani/pedi!  The exterior flower is detachable.  The complimentary black on black fabric has been with me for years.  If you’re a quilter you know that years ago, Mary Ellen Hopkins designed this fabric for Alexander Henry, and I liked it so much that I kept buying it.  I have used it many times through the years and sorry to say, this was the end of it.  If you’re listening, Mary Ellen, I need you!

Smarty Girl Book Bag is a little tote pattern by Heather Bailey.  The finished size is 13″w x 10″h x 2″ d.  I created it from mostly Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs fabrics.  Easy, functional, and fun to make; the only change I would make is adding pockets in the future.

The last bag is one of my all time favorites.  I designed it with multiple pockets, including a pencil/pen pocket.  The fabric is an elegant home dec fabric, Folk Art Linens by Robyn Pandolph for Moda.  This charming fabric is sumptuously soft and I’ve paired it with dazzling topaz-like graduated beading.  The interior is a sophisticated tone on tone golden with an embossed floral design.  Summer Romance is the title of this particular bag.  I haven’t named this pattern yet, but because the handles form loops, I may call it the belted bag, since you could slip coordinating scarves around the top, tying on the side.  I noticed a stunning little vintage button in my embellishment drawer and knew it had to be incorporated in the flower.  You may not be able to tell by the picture but the yellow button is accompanied by a rhinestone center and a circle of tiny pearls.  The button is circa 1910 and the loop on the back was broken.  How in the world would I attach it?  I could glue it on, but I prefer sewing for stability.  Aha!  I decided to cover the button with fine yellow netting which is sewn to the rest of the flower made of layers of the interior and exterior fabrics and yellow netting.  Voila!  I attached a pin and a clip for removal and the bag was complete!As you can see, the foot surgery (going really well, just a little swelling left) did wonders for my creative and productive brains.  So, it’s back to the studio for me and, as always, I wish you Happy Sewing!