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Holy Smokes!!  I miss New York City!!  (The only thing I love to do as much as sewing is traveling. ) My daughter and I had a fabulous time exploring and taking tours.  Our hotel was right in Times Square where they were setting up for the New Year’s Eve celebration.  Needless to say, one of the highlights of my trip was a visit to the Garment District.  Fabric stores everywhere–one after another!  We tried to visit Mood Fabrics (Project Runway digs) but they were closed for the holidays.  Regardless, I hit several shops and scored some outstanding trims and fabric.  Did you know they make navy blue fur trim??  Rose and gold crochet trim?  I was given a rather large piece of fur for free–just a remnant one store had tossed aside.  My fabric purchases included a navy blue/gold striped upholstery that will make a great satchel bag with that navy trim.  Also I found a beautiful moss green silk pleated fabric that will be perfect with some floral accessories for a spring bag.  I tried not to go overboard with the fabric and hoped they wouldn’t charge extra poundage for my luggage but I definitely brought enough home to have fun and will retain the business cards in case I go into withdrawal and need some more of that chic and unique NYC fabric!  In case you’d like to see photos of our trip, I will attach a few

Garment District

Sewing on the Button

.  Can’t wait to return to the Big Apple!

Up next, a wonderfully thoughtful idea from my granddaughter.  Stay tuned!