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Lotus Blossom


After struggling with the rhinestone zipper, I did finally surrender and opted for a regular zipper on the latest bag, Lotus Blossom.  BUT, I salvaged the sweet little rhinestone zipper pull and added it to the regular zipper.  Turned out to be a serendipitous moment since the shape of the rhinestone pull echoed the shape of the Lotus Blossom bag!  IMG_2131IMG_2133

Sometimes you just wonder if all that ripping is worth it, but with the addition of a bamboo handle and a stylish removable flower pin, I’m really pleased with the results.  And as usual– live and learn!

I’m very excited about tomorrow.  At an Urban Market I plan to shop for antique/vintage linens which will be incorporated into hobo chic type bags, along with a little fringe, beads and doodads to create that carefree gypsy feel.  And, the best part is that the sponsors of the antique market are allowing pets, and the very rescue club from which we acquired our Golden, Buddy, will be there with even more Goldens to love on!

Another fortuitous event occurred today when I met a friend of a friend who has a shop on Etsy called Hands of Blessing.  Crochet is her forte and if you visit Etsy, you should check out her treasures and patterns.  I’ve been thinking of opening a shop on Etsy and with her encouragement I decided to get started.  I can see I have some work to do such as more photography and researching postal rates, but I feel like I’m already on my way!  Stay tuned!