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Headed to International Quilt Festival!


Every year my sister, Nannette, and I just cannot wait for the International Quilt Festival here in Houston.  Even though we live nearby, we make a true celebration of the occasion by getting a room at the Hilton Americas with the walkway connected to the Convention Center.  We start with Preview Night, then go all day from open to close on Thursday.  On Thursday night we have Show & Tell in our room to share what goodies we found at the show and decide what we need to do on Friday–did we miss anything?  What were the booths that we really wanted to revisit?  Friday is also the day that we suspend shopping long enough to admire the vast array of incredible workmanship to be found in the magnificent quilt entries.  Then…Back to Shopping!!  In past years, my sister and I have both purchased sewing furniture at the show and are so happy with the pieces we chose.  This year Nannette is in the market for quilt kits.  Since I’m so into my bag-making, I’ll mostly be shopping for fabric, trims, and bag patterns.  Hope my pattern sells well at Quilt Market!  Maybe I’ll see you there! 🙂