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Bag Sewin’ Tips

  • Consider a manufactured handle or strap.   Many companies now offer simple- to-attach handles/straps in varied colors and sizes.  This also adds a very professional look to your bag.  This is true for assorted closures as well.
  • Jazz up that lining!   Whether it’s just you or the whole world looking in your bag, it’s worth adding a lining that will bring a smile to your face. 🙂  Even the most neutral bag can be fun with a surprisingly colorful and/or whimsical lining inside.
  • Experiment with Fabrics.  Once you find a pattern you enjoy, don’t be afraid to experiment with various textured fabrics such as faux fur, velvet, wool, suede, chenille, tapestry, or corduroy for winter,  and linen, satin, or a laminated fabric for summer.
  • Embellish with relish!  Some of the most interesting bags are those that have been personalized with touches of  jewels, buttons, fringe, or beadwork.  It’s often fun AND a challenge to incorporate that special vintage item you’ve found for a truly custom look.