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From Mink to Mink

From Mink to Mink

Recently a sweet, generous neighbor gifted me with a fabulous mink hat.  She said she knew I wear many hats (both figuratively and physically 🙂 and thought I might enjoy it.  I am in favor of FAUX fur, but definitely wanted the mink beret to have a good home.  One day, thinking how nice it would be if the beret could actually go back to its rightful owner (it was a family heirloom), I hit upon the idea of making the hat into a purse for her.  So here you see the beret in its original form, and then the transition to charming, little purse.  I shaped it into an oblong position, added handles, an interior snap, and attached an accessory for the final touch.  Voila!



My dear neighbor was very touched by the gesture and confided that the mink had belonged to her grandmother.  And, anytime she wants to convert the purse back into a hat, every alteration I made is totally reversible.  From Mink to Mink!