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Like a Rhinestone Cowboy…er…Zipper


IMG_2110 IMG_2107

Although hard to tell from this picture, what you’re seeing here  is a beautiful large rhinestone zipper.  I purchased this at the Quilt Festival this year but don’t remember the booth.  Anyway, I just knew this awesome zipper was going to look gorgeous against a black velvety fabric.  But, woe is me, this zipper won’t work.  It worked before I sewed it, and it actually worked after I sewed it, but only in one direction.  I ripped it out (using that nifty battery operated ripper my sister gave me) and substituted a smaller rhinestone zipper.  Same story all over again.  My patience was growing thin and I consulted Rick.  When my engineer hubby gave up on it, I knew it was time to rip it out and replace it with a regular zipper.

Has anyone had luck with these rhinestone zippers?  They were initially shown as a jacket or sweatshirt zipper but I don’t know why that would make a difference.  Oh well, best laid plans…right?  Off to rip a little more and use a normal zipper without the headaches.  Now where’s that Tylenol?