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The Apron Challenge


Anny "APRON" Bag

Back in November I was given a bag full of vintage or semi-vintage aprons by the owner of a wonderful architectural antique store in Austin called Revival.  Having seen the Anny Bag, she wondered if perhaps a bag could  be created from those aprons.  This project, which I started after the holidays,  proved to be quite the challenge!  First of all, these were random aprons and there needed to be a common thread (so to speak 🙂 )  I eventually decided  to add a fabric of coordinating color but it couldn’t be anything contemporary.  Aha!  A lightweight light blue denim from my stash.  I chose three print aprons that had similar blue shades that looked very vintage.  Alternating these for the ruffles, I allowed the edges of the denim to fray.  The band was from the same denim.  Now realizing that a purchased handle would not look right on this bag,  I came up with an idea.  I took three of the apron ties and braided them for each handle.  Then the handles were attached using vintage buttons from my grandma’s button box.  Thanks, Grandma!   Yesterday, I handed over the bag and the remaining aprons to the shop owner and she was mighty pleased.  Will it sell?  Stay tuned!


Post Holiday and Off to NYC


The Holidays were an awesome time to be back in touch with family and friends!  So many parties here in Galveston and in Austin and LaGrange.  And our home had the privilege of being on the Historic District Christmas Homes Tour.  It was an honor and great fun but we started gathering decorations and planning in October.  I’ve had such a joyful season but January will see a return to designing and sewing.  Yea!

Why January, you ask?  Because, between now and January, my daughter and I are enjoying a trip to New York City!  I plan to keep my eyes open for vintage finds to incorporate into my bags.  Just last week I purchased turn-of-the-century gold floral fabric from Robyn Pandolph’s beautiful shop and can’t wait to use it.  I was also given a bag full of vintage aprons and my head is spinning with ideas.  My son actually visited a quilt shop in Austin so his gift to me included some new Amy Butler fabric and a laminated that will be perfect for a spring bag!  Go Eric!

Sewing is a creative outlet for young people as well and I intend to pass down the skills I’ve learned to my granddaughters.  They each received a sewing machine for Christmas and were sewing as I left for home.  My heart is happy!

Off to the sewing room I go now, for I’m finishing a bag to wear in the Big Apple.