Like a Rhinestone Cowboy…er…Zipper


IMG_2110 IMG_2107

Although hard to tell from this picture, what you’re seeing here  is a beautiful large rhinestone zipper.  I purchased this at the Quilt Festival this year but don’t remember the booth.  Anyway, I just knew this awesome zipper was going to look gorgeous against a black velvety fabric.  But, woe is me, this zipper won’t work.  It worked before I sewed it, and it actually worked after I sewed it, but only in one direction.  I ripped it out (using that nifty battery operated ripper my sister gave me) and substituted a smaller rhinestone zipper.  Same story all over again.  My patience was growing thin and I consulted Rick.  When my engineer hubby gave up on it, I knew it was time to rip it out and replace it with a regular zipper.

Has anyone had luck with these rhinestone zippers?  They were initially shown as a jacket or sweatshirt zipper but I don’t know why that would make a difference.  Oh well, best laid plans…right?  Off to rip a little more and use a normal zipper without the headaches.  Now where’s that Tylenol?


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    • Someone just asked me that yesterday, and no, I never did. I asked at the zipper booth and when they explained it to me it seemed like just what I had been doing. So, I just don’t get it. Let me know if you have ideas. 😊

  1. I know this is an old post but did you ever figure out the rhinestone zipper? I am replacing just the slider on one with no luck.

  2. So I realize your post is over a year old….but, did you ever get the rhinestone zippers to work? We just bought one to use in a sewing project and are having the same issue – it won’t work. Trying to find tips because the zipper is just too perfect not to use! Thanks.

    • So sorry, but I never did. I used the zipper pull. Recently I saw the zipper in the drawer and was tempted to try again since it’s sew cute but ran out of time. I’ve seen it (I think at Quilt Festival) installed in jackets, so if I see that again this year you better believe I’m going to ask for tips! And if I learn something I’ll be sure to post it. 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know. We tried using interfacing on the fabric and zipper itself. Seemed to be good and strong, but still wouldn’t zip. We’re trying to use it for a pocket in a bag. I’ll be watching to see if you get it figured out! 😉

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